Amazon Smart Traffic - Ultimate Version

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Products always were the best solution mostly for services like traffic. That’s because a software will save you from problems such as losing the connection to the server, the limitations, interruptions and heavy responses. Every response will be an instant hit and you don’t have to lose time and resources on any useless problematic services.

Amazon Smart Traffic

Amazon Smart Traffic is an advanced bot that generates traffic with products referrers based on keywords and Amazon domain you selected. Generate at least 60.000 traffic every day compatible with almost all Windows operating systems including Windows Server R2 2012.

Amazon Smart Traffic - Ultimate Version - 2

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How it works :

The bot will search on Amazon, based on your list of keywords, products and set as referrer a random product link.

Traffic can be generated faster or slower, most important factors are your network speed, user configuration and computer specifications. If your having a powerful computer you can increase the number of threads and double the number of traffic you receive. Amazon Smart Traffic - Ultimate Version - 3 Amazon Smart Traffic - Ultimate Version - 4

Changelog :

v1.0 Ultimate Version
New easier to setup interface
New feature | Now you can select / select amazon domains
Upgrade to the bot engine
Bugs fixed & 2020 Verified

Add random amazon domains traffic generator
Implement 6 random domains
Fix loop trying to open missing keywords file (Amazon Smart Traffic Random)
Fix copyright at process name
Fix overwrite of Amazon Smart Traffic

Initial release.