Data Extractor and Cleaner

About Data

Extractor and Cleaner. Data Extractor and Cleaner solution with a wide collection of options and services give the user more flexibility when they are Filtering Email, Phone, Links Data lists.

these solutions allow users to Extract and Clean unlimited Lists of ( emails, Phones, URLs .. more ) in a very simple way moreover provide them tools to filter and Extract.

With a FULL SOURCE CODE in the new Technology Python.


In addition, Extracting withers emails, phones, or links from a mixed content of files ( words, characters, or whatever) with a single click.

It’s a turn-key scalable solution provided with full source code (Python) which gives users the freedom during customization.



- Complete Solution – Filter and Clean Phone number lists.

- Filter and Clean Email lists.

- Spam Emails filter ( with keyword )

- Filter and Clean website Links (HTTP and HTTPS) lists.

- Full Python source code.

- Easy to customize for non-developer.

- Remove List from Another list.

- Import or Copy and paste data.

- Reselling application

- Stable application.


Requirement Below are the major requirement:

- Nothing special

*optional – Python 3 and PYQT5 Designer (For customization)


What you will get when you buy this item

- About Data Extractor and Cleaner

- Full source code


Important Information

- This is a windows desktop application, not working on Mac or Linux

- This application is provided with a full source code, so if you want to modify you must have minimum Python skills.