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Version 1.0.2

( updated on 31-Mar-2021 )

 + Minimum order quantity and quantity multiplier for individual product
 + Improved Products Filter options storage system   
 + Improved responsiveness of home page for HD Screen
 + Fixed Unicode slug issue 
 + Fixed Item price zero issue
 + Fixed Change language issue.
 + Fixed Unicode characters issue for other texts like App banner text, Featured sections, footer about us
 + Fixed Order or item status change issue after canceled or returned
 + Resolved Stock to minus issue 
 + Return of individual item issue resolved. 

Version 1.0.1

( updated on 19-Mar-2021 )

+ Added Full code with admin panel for Stand-alone usage of web version
+ Fixed review images display issue. 
+ Fixed Max issue.
+ Fixed My Account - Invalid URL for pages issue