Italiano Restaurant | Laravel Website & Admin Panel

Italiano Restaurant is a Laravel script works as a catalyst for the food industry. The website lets you (a restaurateur) to nicely outline your food services. The website lets customer learn about what do you provide and booking online visits. With this website you can easily manage the entire restaurant food business to achieve maximum growth. Italiano Restaurant is built with a mobile-first approach keeping user experience, conversion optimization, and high performance intact. It is built with Laravel code.


The main purpose of Italiano is to level up you food business, nicely introduce your service on online basis. Provide booking actions to your restaurant.

How Can you Start?

You can buy the website from us and run as your own for the lifetime. It is our responsibility to develop the website, keep updating and upgrading to make it stand out. You don’t have to worry about website development, you only focus on your marketing, branding, etc. and run a successful business.

What happens after you buy the website?

If you are not the developer and you purchase the website, you can hire us the installation and setup and we will build the website for you manually based on your website name choice, color theme, your logo, and splash screen. Then we will send you the ready-to-publish website. Prices are listed at the bottom of the page.

What You Get:

  • Full Website + Admin Source Code
  • Full Php Code of Server Side
  • Documentation


Version 1.0.0 - 2021/11/20

- Initial release