WhatsApp InstaOrder - ContactLess WhatsApp Ordering | Restaurant Menu - Takeaway | Delivery | Table

WhatsApp InstaOrder – ContactLess WhatsApp Ordering | Restaurant Menu – Takeaway | Delivery | Table

Admin CMS for Managing Products Now Available

InstaOrder - Orders using WhatsApp - Hybrid Mobile Apps - Cordova | iOS | Android

Whatsapp Insta Order
Whatsapp Insta Order - How it Works

Lets use WhatsApp to Accept Orders

Easy to use system to create Digital Menu for your Restaurant as well as for your shop or whatever you sale and start accepting orders using WhatsApp!!

Its easy to use fully JSON Driven WhatsApp Ordering System built using jQuery , Bootstrap & JSON. Just add the products to the json file and its ready to use. No need of PHP & MySQL.

Has support for taking orders for Takeaway/Pickup, Table & for Deliveries

Products & Multi Level Categories (Sub-categories) – Can have Unlimited categories and Products

Product Options – Having support for unlimited product options with Addon price.

Taxes – Can have default tax rate or can be per product.

Shipping – Can have Base shipping charges, additional changes can be added as per product.

Fully JSON Driven, Unlimited items can be displayed.


  • Powered by jQuery & Bootstrap
  • Easy to Customize
  • Simple yet Attractive and easy to use!!
  • Fully JSON Data Driven
  • HTMl5 Markup
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Responsive Layout
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Ready to use.
  • Thumbnail Support for Product
  • Option Based Addon Prices
  • Multi Level ((Sub-categories)) Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products
  • Well documented
  • 100% Customizable Shopping Cart
  • PWA – Progressive Web App


1.1.4 - 21 APR 2021
Details button issue for admin generated json fixed

1.1.3 - 06 APR 2021
Month Count issue for Order Id Fixed


1.1.2 - 05 APR 2021
Options without addon price display issue fixed


1.1.1 - 25 MAR 2021
Sidebar button missing issue on iOS and Safari fixed


1.1.0 - 05 MAR 2021
Added PWA (Progressive Web App) Example -


- Ver 1.0.0 - 19 FEB 2021
Initial Release

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JSON Product structure:

Sample Products JSON Structure
Sample Products JSON Structure Menu
WhatsApp InstaOrder - Menu

Instant Add to Order
WhatsApp InstaOrder

Item Details
WhatsApp InstaOrder

Ready to Order
WhatsApp InstaOrder - Ready to Order

For Delivery
WhatsApp InstaOrder - For Delivery

For Takeaway
WhatsApp InstaOrder -For Takeaway

For Table Order
WhatsApp InstaOrder - For Table Order

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