Whoop - One to One Video Meetings, Chat, File Share, Screen Share & PWA

    Whoop – One to One Video Meetings

    Whoop is a peer-to-peer, meeting-based real-time audio and video meeting solution in pure WebRTC with features such as chat, file sharing, screen sharing, picture-in-picture mode, etc. which is available as a Web application and PWA. It has its own signaling server built with NodeJS and So no third-party APIs or services are needed, so you can use the system to host unlimited meetings forever!

    Host Whoop as a standalone application or integrate it with your existing website easily. This application is specifically designed to host one-to-one video meetings only, best suitable where a third person is not allowed!

    How Does it Work?

    You can start a video meeting without any kind of login or registration. Just enter your username, Meeting ID of your choice and you are good to go. You can also share the meeting link with your contacts with our in-built link sharing feature.

    Important – Extended License is required if:
    • You plan to sell your own version of this app as a PAID app on the Play Store or App Store.
    • You plan to make app to your client.
    • You plan to add In-App Purchase to your own version of this app (which means that your users can get charged of money).
    • You plan to sell your own version of this app on Flippa and similar markets.
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         1.2.0 - March 12th, 2021
         - Added fullscreen feature
         - Minor bug fixes

         1.1.0 - March 2nd, 2021
         - Added file sharing
         - Added keyboard shortcuts

         1.0.0 - February 24th, 2021
         - Initial release